About AITSM Show and AITSM Co-Op Community (Origin Story & Why We Exist)

About AITSM Show & AITSM Community - Trailer

Hello there, So you are working in ITSM .

And you? You’re probably working in RPA for IT, Automation, and AI ?

You know you all are the strong pillars of a successful IT transformation.

But you work in silos. You hang out in tool-specific communities.

Do you share troubleshooting experiences and solutions which can help people working on other ITSM tools?

Do you get bogged down by repeated work, but don’t consult people in automation and AI, who can actually help you reduce it so that you can focus on the creative & valuable tasks?

What if there is a platform where you all can meet, exchange knowledge, and grow with each other?

Welcome To AITSM Co-Op , a unique and vendor-neutral community for IT Pros and by IT Pros.

We bring together rich content, exciting podcasts, and profound discussions about AITSM , which is ITSM driven by intelligent automation to assist with tasks, requests, and actions of the IT service desk.

Our mission is to create an essential platform for ITSM Leaders, ITSM developers, ITIL Consultants, and enthusiasts of Automation and AI for ITSM.

Keep listening to our insightful podcasts, and hit subscribe. Learn and grow, with the AITSM show. Enjoy!