About Us : AITSM : Vision & Why We Exist?

About Us

The AITSM Co-Op is the only truly independent, volunteer-driven, and vendor-neutral community towards AI & Automation for IT Service Management, worldwide.

Our mission is to create an essential platform for ITSM Leaders, ITSM developers, ITIL Consultants, and Enthusiasts/Practitioners of Al and Automation for ITSM.

It is a prominent catalyst in the ongoing development and promotion of AI & Automation For ITSM to build an Intelligent, Automated & Delightful Experiences at IT Service Desks.

Our 2022 Vision – Create Evangelists of AITSM, to Build Delightful Experiences at IT service desks.

Why we exist.

To create and sustain the global AITSM Community to promote Service Management practices with AI & Automation flavour.

We bring together diverse perspectives & robust dialogue around AI & Automation For ITSM; thus, enabling mindset change, deep insights, opportunities for hands-on learning for skills augmentation and forming networks for peer learning.