BOT Thinking : Use Case Challenge : Interesting, Useful & Daily Use Cases to Use Automation/AI For ITSM

Back in the days, when I was working at a client location for a few months. Feeling homesick, to reserve a train home every weekend, I used a bot to crawl/poll on the IRCTC site every day to reserve and monitor the booking until confirmation.

This may not be a better example, but please do get creative and share any workflows or use cases to automate or apply AI in your ITSM work life or Everyday in work, provided

  1. It is simple.
  2. You run it daily/frequently. (It’s a MUST)
  3. It adds value to your work or customers in a creative, meaningful and even crazy way.

Hi @aslamsayed & @Juzer, Please answer it.

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I like watching TV, currently seamless experience is given by only one DTH provider which is well known in segment, TATA SKY.

I am customer since long time and I observed every technological change they made for better level of customer service. TATA Sky customer service always amazed me, the recent surprise is worth sharing.

TATA Sky recently introduced WhatsApp Bot where you can mange your account very efficiently. The changes you do are real-time & that makes it a beautiful customer experience all together.

I don’t remember when was lat time I called customer care for any help. The bot made my life easier to watch seamless broadcast of my favorite channels on TATA Sky. I use this bot frequently to check offers, new movies, & my account details. Almost all the DTH providers are moving to automated reply bots which makes their life easy.


I am thinking about naming my puppy;)

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