I am planning to take ITIL Foundation Certification. Which is better ITIL V3 or ITIL 4?

I am planning to take ITIL Foundation Certification. Which is better, ITIL V3 or ITIL 4?


One should go ahead with the up-to-date version, ITIL 4 Foundation. ITIL4 enables you to understand a fresh perspective on IT Service Management through a Service Value System (SVS). ITIL 4 provides a holistic end-to-end picture of what it really means to contribute to business value. It also integrates concepts from Lean IT, Agile, and DevOps.

Having said that, ITIL V3 is still active and had a majority of peers certified in it. ITIL V3 Foundation will improve your qualifications for working with other ITIL-certified personnel.


ITIL V3 was introduced in 2007 and became a de facto standard for managing services over the years.

Now ITIL V4 has been introduced. What is the rationale for learning new if it does not have a base? For a new product to get universal, there must be demand. Demand comes from scarcity, and if there is no lack because of ITIL V3’s sophisticated processes, will anybody hop onto ITIL 4 bandwagon? Will organizations move to ITIL 4?

I remember the initial days of ITIL V3. Most organizations were satisfied with ITIL V2. The trend shifted when their customers started asking for ITIL V3 as a base requirement. With ITIL 4 as well, it will be the same all over.

So as an individual and IT pro, you need to be foresighted. Be prepared for what is going to take over, eventually. I suspect it may not be on the same scale as ITIL V3, but it does not hurt you getting the advancement. Think of it as a futuristic sword that will serve fat earnings.

From a learning curve aspect, there is not much difference between the two frameworks. If you are an ITIL V3 professional, switching to ITIL 4 will be as easy as binge-watching a series on the weekend. If you are new to it, jump into ITIL 4 directly.