Structured Problem Solving Frameworks : Which one(s) do you use?

Do you use structured problem-solving frameworks? If so, which one(s) do you use?

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The Kepner Tregoe Problem Analysis process(KTPA) is typically applicable for evidence/data-based IT problems.

  1. State the right problem, not a symptom.
  2. Use What(object/deviation), When, Where, Extent of Deviation, and Occurrences.
  3. Break it down into differences & changes for happened when(before/after) and where(here but not there) with what changed before/after & what is different here/there? List the possible causes.
  4. Test/Backtrack every cause with respect to what changed and what is different and compare that with the outcome(problem/no problem)?

Check the book “The Rational Manager” and A structured approach to problem solving for examples.

The other popular techniques are 5 Why, Fishbone, Six thinking hats, 5W1H, and lots of creative ones like liberating structures.


Thanks a lot, @AAT. Love to hear from other community practitioners too:)


These are few more interesting problem solving techniques:

  1. Rubber-duck Method - Say out loud to yourself or a duck or something.
  2. Challenge the assumptions OR Lateral Thinking
  3. Trial & Error
  4. The 5 Whys
    4 Problem Solving Techniques: How to Solve Problems at Work

This is too good and comprehensive: 35 problem solving techniques and activities to create effective solutions | SessionLab

Let me what you used and got a good result.