The Automation Case Study You'll Never Forget & Lessons Learned

The Automation Case Study You’ll Never Forget and Do Share Real-Life Lessons Learned About Automation.

Please do not use customer names and specific tool names so that it would be more helpful for the community. You may use “Leading bank” and “Fastest RPA tool :wink:” though.


One of Leading Bank is using a RPA tool to automate vendor payment in their system. Bot is scanning all vendor invoices and prepare data in system. it is also integrated with its CRM application so that payment will be released on due date automatically.


Problem: One of the post-acute healthcare providers handling patient-centric care was overwhelmed with scheduling the massive volume of patient visits. Despite the data being available systems, scheduling the appointments resulted in delays due to frequent changes, high volume, limited service availability, tremendous manual efforts and human errors.

Solution: Bot extracted real-time appointment details from scheduler application to update Patient’s Case ID/Details from another system, adhering to the insurance/compliance rules while processing thousands of patient visits quickly with little manual intervention. (70% reduction in manual efforts)

Lessons Learnt: Multiple business rules and exceptions had to be handled while processing data and taking appropriate actions. Hence an integration with emails ensured business users were up-to-date about any exceptions.

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