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What is AITSM?

According to Gartner, AITSM covers all the efforts needed to introduce AI and automation into an IT organization. AITSM is ITSM-driven by intelligent automation to assist with tasks, requests, and actions at the IT service desk.

A few examples of the critical capabilities of AITSM include:

  • Leverage AI and machine learning to prescribe classification, priority, and knowledge related to an incident
  • Proactive identification and remedy of user issues
  • Automated creation of knowledge responses using text analytics and smart data discovery on unstructured data
  • Identify knowledge experts and articles
  • Sentiment analysis

Gartner’s definition of AITSM states:

“AITSM is not an acronym; rather, it is an initialism. It is a concept that refers to the application of context, advice, actions and interfaces of AI, automation and big data on ITSM tools and optimized practices to improve the overall effectiveness, efficiency and error reduction for I&O staff.”