What is one or more things ITSM Industry STOP doing?

What is one or more things ITSM Industry STOP doing?


Following Best Practices Or ITIL Blindly

Simply setting up ITIL and following the processes blindly will get you nowhere. Implementing & using ITIL in an organization should align with business objectives, size, and organizational culture.

Best practices work along with the context. What worked for one organization may not work for another. What is crucial in one organization may not be as critical in another.


Using needless lingo or jargon

If a customer asks for a password reset, why to go into the technical details? You just enable them to change it. Since the details that matter to you don’t matter to the customer. Therefore, the service desk must talk in the terminology the user comprehends. Using technical jargon helps no one.

When rolling out services to end users don’t speak tech. Don’t even speak business. Just speak HUMAN – @msnarain #itsmfno17

— Sophie Danby (@SophieDanby) March 8, 2017


Unnecessary Frictions & Bureaucracy

You’re here to make lives easier for your customers. Any unnecessary friction/delays because of bureaucracy and policies would be detrimental to the organization.

It doesn’t mean you’d abandon all the paperwork and due diligence. The key is to seek a balance and make sure it is simple. If using your service desk makes something more challenging for your customers, you must eliminate or simplify it.


Teams Working In Silos

The documentation and execution of processes is the most important thing for any successful ITSM capacity.

Your day-to-day activities can quickly hinder if a team does not follow procedures, internal communication doesn’t happen, and handoffs are abrupt, a warning sign of silos at work. It can someday sabotage the reputation of your IT organization, if not taken care of.

What can you do?

  • Communicate the ITSM objectives, vision and whys clearly to every team member.
  • Knowledge Articles, Processes and People need to be accessible easily.
  • Build a rapport within teams via team-building activities.
  • Retrospect frequently
    • What works?
    • What doesn’t work?
    • What are the corrective steps?

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