What is Services Integration and Management (SIAM)? How It Is Different Or Similar Than ITSM?

What is Services Integration and Management (SIAM)?

How It Is Different Or Similar Than ITSM?


There is a good explanation and relationship with ITSM in this wonderful article.



This one by Claire Agutter also explains it well : You are being redirected...


Excerpt from above article about SIAM:

Put simply, SIAM is a way to bring clarity to a complex supply environment.

It allows you to focus on end to end value and identify all of the service providers that support that value. SIAM helps your service providers to understand where they fit into the big picture and how they contribute to business outcomes.

SIAM is a management methodology that can be applied in an environment that includes services sourced from a number of service providers. SIAM has a different level of focus to traditional multi-sourced ecosystems with one customer and multiple suppliers. SIAM provides governance, management, integration, assurance, and coordination to ensure that the customer organization gets maximum value from its service providers.”
Source: SIAM Foundation Body of Knowledge


Excerpt from above article about differences of SIAM and ITSM:

How do SIAM and IT service management/ITIL fit together?

There is often some confusion about how SIAM and IT service management interact. Does SIAM replace (for example) ITIL processes and procedures? The answer here is no. Many SIAM models are built on processes that you would be very familiar with including incident and change management. It’s easier to think of SIAM as building on and extending these processes, adapting them for a multi-supplier environment. For example, we might know how to do incident management, but do we know what to do when that incident spans fifteen different service providers? This is where SIAM can help.

And of course, SIAM isn’t just for IT. We can extend the scope of SIAM across the enterprise, incorporating areas such as HR, logistics, and facilities.