Which are the Best IT Process Automation(ITPA) Metrics & KPIs?

Which are the Best IT Process Automation Metrics & KPIs?


Total Number Of BOTs or Automated Processes

Measure the total number of BOTs or Automated Processes in production working as a digital workforce.

It shows how Automation programs grow, how proficient teams are at identifying automation opportunities and prioritizing for development, and how mature the organization is in its automation journey.

An industry standard for a medium to large organization is >100 BOTs, though it is a basic metric and more qualitative data/metric to be tracked or needed.


BOT Execution Velocity

BOT Execution Velocity is the average time to execute an automated process or BOT. It evaluates the time, effort, and cost savings of having a bot assistant do the work faster than a human staff member.

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BOT Utilization

BOT Utilization is how frequently a BOT or an automated process is executed.

BOT Utilization shows if you are leveraging 24/7 BOT availability and efficient use of every BOT, one of Automation’s key benefits. This is used to keep a check on under utilized bots.


BOT success rate

Number of BOTs/process executions finished successfully without errors. This is an important metric to know effectiveness of Automation.

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Process Cycle Time Reduction

The reduction in total time taken to complete an end to end process(not sub-processes) after implementing automation.


Improved DECx - Delightful Employee & Customer Experience

It is measured by Net Promoter Scores(NPS) and Employee & Customer Satisfaction Surveys(CSAT). The automation is not meaningful until it changes the experience in a positive way.

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ROI - Return On Investment

When annual savings of costs(and effort) crosses the break-even point of input costs or investments including tool license cost, development, rework and maintenance cost.

The formula for it is contextual but largely follows this:
Return On Investment = (Net Gain Over Investment / Input Cost of Investment) * 100