Which is the best ITSM tool?

According to your experience and research, which is the best ITSM tool? What features and benefits worked for you?

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For me; IT Service Management Platform that supports all service management capabilities and extends into other departments like HR and supply chain. Preconfigured or out of the box SIAM/ESM capabilities and easy to build new workflows. Start and end of all processes. Supports Integration, which is key to success.

An ITSM tool should be Great value for money supports all types of organization structure - small, mid and large size organizations and should be available with options as subscription (SaaS) or On premise.

At the Enterprise level, BMC Helix ITSM, ServiceNow, at the mid-tier level Ivanti, or Freshdesk, Jira etc.


Thanks a lot for a succinct and insightful answer, @Juzer