Your Experiments With Problem Solving & Problem Management?

Dedicated to all the IT warriors, fighting messy and baffling problems.

Please do share your experiences without revealing company name, project or tool, as much as possible.

We would like to celebrate here the spirit of problem management, problem prevention and problem solving.

You may utilize below format to provide your answers.

1. What was the problem?
2. How did you analyze it?
3. If resolved, how?
4. If not resolved, what was the workaround?
5. If you kept as known error, what you learned from it?


It was a usual day for support to get high volume of tickets after a major upgrade or instant patch. Upgrade sometimes disturb the existing customization done in customer environment.
Incidents flow was unusual that day, the queue was flooded with the tickets. Customers were reporting UI issues after upgrade. The only workaround we had to ask customers to revert application to previous version. We checked this issue in-house and got to know it was browser specific issue. If you remember, Google Chrome has done major changes on April 8, 2012 which had major effect on application we were supporting. It was being declared major outage by company, immediate patch was released by development team. Though Patch has resolved the issue, PM team started RCA on it. They got to know QA checked with version prior to latest only and given go ahead to release.
We created a knowledge article with link of the patch in it, which was viewed highest in that quarter.

The learning was for QA team to check every change with multiple browsers

before we release. It was not even a day development team fixed it, but the outage was noted as major one.